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Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about changing or cancelling my flight to St. Petersburg?
For more information about updating your flight to St. Petersburg or cancelling it, head over to our Customer Service Portal.
How do I find cheap flights to St. Petersburg that have flexible change policies?
Many airlines offer the option to reschedule your flight without a change fee. All you pay is the difference between the original flight and the new flight you select. When you’re searching for flights to St. Petersburg, you’ll see a “no change fees” filter for you to select.
Can I fly to St. Petersburg now?
Make your flight to St. Petersburg simple and straightforward by making your first stop our Covid-19 Travel Advisor. This is an easy way to stay informed about current travel restrictions, including quarantine requirements and the latest official health advisory information.
What is the name of St. Petersburg's airport?
St. Petersburg is served by just a single airport, Pulkovo Airport (LED).
How far is LED from central St. Petersburg?
Pulkovo Airport is 16 kilometers from downtown St. Petersburg, so you’ll have a reasonable commute into the heart of the city.
What airport is best to fly into St. Petersburg?
There are two major airports that service St. Petersburg. Pulkovo Airport (LED) is about 16 kilometers from the downtown area, while Rzhevka Airport is around 16 kilometers away. As soon as you find a great price and book a place to stay, you’ll better know which one you should fly into.
How many airlines fly to St. Petersburg?
There are 46 airlines that fly into St. Petersburg from 137 airports across the globe.
Which airlines fly to St. Petersburg?
In general, travelers opt to fly with Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines and Pobeda when heading off to St. Petersburg. The largest number of these flights depart from Moscow, with Aeroflot operating this route the most frequently.
How many nonstop flights are there to St. Petersburg?
With 1627 direct flights running every week, you’ll be hitting the runway in St. Petersburg before you have time to say, “Are we there yet?”
Where are the most popular flights to St. Petersburg departing from?
Flights to St. Petersburg departing from Moscow, Yakimanka and Tagansky airports are the most in demand.
How long is the flight to St. Petersburg Airport?
If it’s Moscow you’re leaving behind, you’ll be in the air for around 1 hour and 27 minutes before you touchdown in St. Petersburg. Airport to airport from Yakimanka takes approximately 1 hour and 27 minutes and from Tagansky, the average flight time is 1 hour and 27 minutes.
How to book the cheapest flight to St. Petersburg?
We all know those jet-setters who somehow score super cheap fares wherever they go. Eager to know how to do it for your St. Petersburg vacation? Don’t wait until the last minute to secure your flight. Also, shop around and compare your options. If your destination has several airports, you may be able to nab a fantastic deal by flying into one that’s farther away. Last but not least, another simple way to save a few dollars is be ready to book fast. If you stumble on a good deal, don’t hesitate — grab it while the opportunity’s there.
How to survive the flight to St. Petersburg?
Depending on where you’re coming from, your journey to St. Petersburg could be simple and straightforward or it could drag on forever. We’ve pulled together some tips that will help you start your next great escape on a positive note.What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • First of all, put in your passport, official ID, bank cards and medications. Next, you’ll want some extra in-flight entertainment to while away the time. A juicy book and a laptop filled with your favorite movies are some fantastic options. If you intend to catch more than just forty winks, a neck pillow and some noise-canceling headphones will also come in handy. Finally, make room for a toothbrush and some deodorant to ensure you hop off the plane looking and feeling fresh.

Do not pack the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Make sure you don’t have sharp or pointed objects hiding in your hand luggage. Other banned items include explosive or flammable substances, such as aerosol cans and bleach, and liquids and gels in containers with a volume of more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

What to wear on a flight:

  • Your aim here is to be as comfortable as possible. Layer up in natural fibers and remember to pack a jacket in case it gets chilly in the cabin. Opt for flat, well-fitting shoes as your feet may swell a little during the journey. Leave the stilettos and heavy hiking boots in your checked baggage.
  • Unfortunately, one risk of flying long distances is developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clotting condition caused by extended periods of inactivity. To avoid this, take every opportunity to walk around and give your legs a stretch. Compression socks and tights are also a great idea to help minimize this risk.

How to get through airport security fast when flying to St. Petersburg?
As savvy travelers know, the secret is to be well organized before you get to airport security. That way, you’ll be hopping onto that plane to St. Petersburg in no time flat. Follow these tips and get your trip off to a fantastic start:

  • Be sure to have your ID and boarding pass easily accessible. They’re the first things you’ll be asked to present to airport security.
  • Your belt, coat, keys and other items in your pocket, like your earphones, will be required to go through the X-ray machine. Make the whole process easier by removing them before your turn arrives.
  • All your electronics, including your tablet and phone, must also be separately scanned.
  • Any liquids or gels, such as perfume or hairspray, that you want to take on board must be no greater than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters). They must also all fit inside a quart-size (one liter), clear zip-close bag.
  • Choosing your footwear wisely can save you valuable minutes. Boots are often required to be removed and separately scanned. Lightweight sneakers are usually not.
  • Airlines will not allow any sharp objects in the cabin. If you need to bring these kinds of items, pack them safely in your checked luggage.

Flights to St. Petersburg information
Destination AirportSt. Petersburg
Destination Airport IATA CodeLED