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Saitama must see attractions

1. Saitama Super Arena

It’s hard to think of a sport or genre of music or performance that hasn’t been presented at the Saitama Super Arena. Large enough to accommodate American football, it holds regular martial arts competitions as well as hosting some of Asia’s and the world’s biggest names. Tokyo architecture firm Nikken Sekkei designed the arena. It serves as the basketball venue for the 2020 Olympics. Get tickets to a concert or a competition and come to Saitama for a taste of real Japanese fan culture.
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Just a short ride north of the city’s downtown, Tokyo’s premier entertainment and sports venue is one of the world’s largest indoor arenas.

2. Omiya Park

Northwest of Tokyo, Omiya Park is an excellent place to see cherry blossoms in Japan, but it is much more than that. Spread across 165 acres (67 hectares) not far from downtown Saitama, it has enough activities for a whole week of fun. Make the trip to see the cherry blossoms in spring. At other times, groves of red pines and pink-flowered apricots brighten the area, while a community atmosphere exists year round.
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Find a little bit of everything in this big park, from cherry blossoms to a folklore museum, a shrine and even a small zoo.

3. Omiya Bonsai Art Museum

Omiya Bonsai Art Museum confirms that the art of bonsai sculpting is much more than it seems. The museum, opened in 2010, is the world’s first public bonsai museum and seeks to impart both the historical significance and the creativity of the art. Find it in the heart of Omiya Bonsai Village, where a group of professional bonsai gardeners immigrated in the 1920s to turn the town into a celebration of the tiny trees. Visit the museum and tour the nearby gardens with a new appreciation of the bonsai’s form.
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A collection of more than 120 masterpieces of one of Japan’s most unique art forms is well worth the visit from downtown Tokyo.

4. Nack5 Stadium Omiya

With a passionate fan base and a cozy stadium, Nack5 Stadium is almost a shortcut to feeling a part of Japanese soccer culture. Soccer is Japan’s second-most popular sport, after baseball, and was introduced to the country in the late 19th century. In the past few decades, its profile has only grown, with the national team qualifying for nearly every World Cup since 1998. Get a sense of the passion behind the sport by attending an Omiya Ardija game at Nack5.
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J2 League’s Omiya Ardija holds it exciting soccer games in an intimate venue that brings you close to the action.

5. The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

Even from the outside, it is clear that the Museum of Modern Art in Saitama is on the forefront of design innovation. Usually referred to as MOMAS, it lives in a striking gridded building designed by the famous architect Kurokawa Kisho. His inventive creation allows natural light to flood nearly every room of the museum.
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The cutting edge of Japanese art, as well as masters including Monet and Gauguin, are housed in a striking modernist building with an inventive chair collection.

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