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Top things to do in Berlin

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Berlin must see attractions

1. Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz is a pedestrian and transport hub, including everything from high-end shopping to panoramic views of the city. Named after the Russian Csar Alexander I and later becoming the center of East Germany during the Cold War, today's "Alex" includes all the luxuries of a Western metropolitan center.
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With its stark, 1960s layout, “Alex” is a showcase of Communist-era architecture and a lively central meeting place for locals.

2. Brandenburg Gate

The history of Brandenburg Gate – an enormous, sandstone, neoclassical arch – is inextricably linked with the history of Berlin and Germany. Built in 1791 to mark the entrance to Unter den Linden, Berlin's grandest boulevard, the arch was originally created as a symbol of peace. Standing 85-feet (30-meters) high, the Brandenburg Gate was modeled on the gateway to the Acropolis in Athens. When Napoleon defeated the Prussians in 1806, he marched triumphantly through the gate into Berlin, before taking the gate’s crowning statue, Victoria, the Goddess of Victory, back to France as a spoil of war. Victoria was later returned and once again sits atop the gate driving her chariot of horses.
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This symbol of German unification ranks alongside Paris' Arc de Triomphe as one of Europe’s most iconic and emotive monuments.

3. Berlin Zoological Garden

Berlin Zoo, or Zoologischer Garten in German, covers 84 acres (34 hectares) in the impressive Tiergarten park in the city center. The zoo opened in 1844 and was almost completely decimated in World War II. Now one of Europe's great zoological gardens, it’s home to nearly 18,000 animals from 1,500 species. It's attracted its fair share of celebrity too. It was here the polar bear Knut became an international star a few years ago, idolized through merchandise and TV appearances, before sadly passing away in 2011.
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Say “guten tag” to some of the world’s most exotic creatures in one of Europe’s most comprehensive and elegant zoos.

4. Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is one of the world’s great success stories in urban renewal. After World War II, when Berlin was divided along political lines, Potsdamer Platz (Potsdam Square) became a no-man's-land. Once the busiest traffic intersection in Europe, it was suddenly stranded between East and West Berlin. When the Wall came down, the reunified city was desperate to return the square to its former glory. Design competitions were held and the entire area became Europe’s largest building site. Today it’s filled with daring architecture, corporate headquarters, residential areas, shopping plazas, cinemas and public spaces. Most importantly it has created a healing link between the once divided city.
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Berliners come to celebrate their city in this public square, which was leveled during World War II and isolated in the Cold War.

5. Checkpoint Charlie

Learn about the history of Checkpoint Charlie, a well-known monument in Berlin. Discover the fascinating museums and notable monuments in this vibrant area.
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Learn about the history of Checkpoint Charlie, a well-known monument in Berlin. Discover the fascinating museums and notable monuments in this vibrant area.

6. Kurfürstendamm

Head to Charlottenburg’s famous boulevard to experience the glamour of old Berlin coupled with the style of contemporary cosmopolitan Europe. The historic Kurfuerstendamm is one of the city’s oldest streets and was built as a route to a prominent hunting lodge now on the outskirts of the city. Today, exclusive boutiques, major department stores and luxury hotels line Kurfuerstendamm, or Kudamm as locals sometimes call the street. At its eastern end find a somber reminder of the bombings of Berlin during World War II.
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Often described as “Berlin’s Champs-Élysées,” this elegant promenade is the city’s premier shopping strip and is punctuated with a moving war memorial.

7. Friedrichstrasse

Lined by some of Germany’s most exclusive department stores and surrounded by major historical attractions, the Friedrichstrasse cultural and shopping precinct in Berlin’s Mitte district has undergone extreme change since the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, at its center find one of the city’s most unusual tourist attractions, throwing you back into the Cold War era. Friedrichstrasse is today one of Berlin’s most visited streets. It is home to Checkpoint Charlie, one of the very few Cold War border crossings between East and West Berlin.
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Cutting through Berlin’s Mitte district is a street known equally for its Cold War history and its upmarket department stores.

8. Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall Memorial is a picturesque green space on the site of an old churchyard in Mitte, the city’s center. It is a commemoration to life during the 30-year division of Berlin.
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A serene outdoor museum traces the history of one of the 20th-century's most infamous constructions.

9. Berlin TV Tower

See a bird’s-eye view of of Berlin from Alexanderplatz’s iconic TV Tower (Fernsehturm). The distinctive Berlin landmark reaches 1,207.3 feet (368 meters) into the sky and is the tallest structure in Germany. The tower’s viewing platform offers 360-degree views at 666 feet (203 meters) above the ground. Take in the view while enjoying a meal at Fernsehturm’s revolving restaurant.
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Take in breathtaking views of Berlin and enjoy a meal in a revolving restaurant inside the sphere of this iconic tower, the tallest structure in Germany.

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