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Known for Hot Springs, Gardens and Chinatown

Explore lots to see and do in Kobe—gardens, shopping, and popular sights from Kobe Tower to Port of Kobe.

How do you get to Kobe?

Kobe is an attractive, cosmopolitan city that sits on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Devastated by an earthquake in 1995, Kobe has been completely rebuilt. Visit its bustling waterfront, monuments and fascinating neighborhoods.

After two centuries of isolation, Kobe was one of the first Japanese cities to open its doors to the West. Explore Kobe’s port, also known as the Bay Area, one of Japan’s busiest trading ports, which also serves as a shopping and entertainment district. Visit the department stores of Harborland, ride the giant Ferris wheel and take a boat cruise around the bay.

Visit the waterfront Meriken Park and its memorial to the earthquake victims. Learn about the port’s history at the Kobe Maritime Museum. See the city from the top-floor viewing platform of Kobe Port Tower. This 335-foot (108-meter) red steel structure resembles a large twisted tube and is illuminated by colored lights at night. From the tower, enjoy the view of majestic Mount Rokkō. Ride a gondola up the mountain to find walking trails, a botanical garden and hot springs.

When foreign traders first came to Kobe in the early 20th century, they built houses and mansions in the Kitano district. These former residences are now public museums. Inspect the intricately carved bars in England House and explore its Sherlock Holmes Room, a representation of the fictional detective’s headquarters. Admire French artwork and beautiful antique furniture inside France House.

Enjoy Kobe’s cultural events, including the biannual Kobe Fashion Week and Kobe Jazz Street, a jazz festival held every October. Try some of the renowned Kobe beef, a delicious marbled meat from local wagyu cattle. Visit Chinatown, a lively tourist area with restaurants, food stalls and souvenir stores.

Fly into Kansai International Airport, which is 40 miles (64.4 kilometers) south of Kobe. Get around on foot, by public transportation or by renting a car. Kobe experiences hot, humid summers and cool winters. With historic character and plenty of attractions, Kobe is an irresistible addition to your travel itinerary for Japan.

Things to do in Kobe

See the beautiful views over the port of Kobe from the top of this landmark, which is a well-known symbol of the city.

This pleasant waterfront park hosts a number of interesting attractions, including a memorial, several museums and varied entertainment centers.

See the longest suspension bridge in the world, recognized as one of Japan’s most impressive engineering accomplishments.

Why not visit the native and exotic animals at Kobe Animal Kingdom and see why this is a popular attraction in Kobe? While you're in the area, stroll along the waterfront.

You can enjoy some retail therapy when you visit Kobe Harborland, a popular shopping spot in Kobe. Take in the museums and waterfalls in the area.

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Learn the centuries-old art of sushi during an interactive workshop with a licensed chef in a local home. Meet your professional instructor, a licensed chef, at JR Morinomiya station North gate in front of Books Kiosk.

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Spend a day out of Osaka exploring the natural wonders surrounding Kobe. Take a scenic cable car up Mount Rokko, where you step into the lush, floral landscapes of the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden. Later, visit the hot springs at Arima Onsen and soak in the therapeutic waters of their baths.

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Your class introduces you to world of Japanese cuisine as you prepare the Osakan specialties of takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as delicious miso soup to pair. after main meal you try whisk green tea(Matcha) and Taiyaki(popular street fish shaped waffle) Meet your instructor at JR Morinomiya Staition North gate.

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Discover the 3 World Heritage listed sites (Kiyomizu temple, Tenrryuji temple and Kinkakuji Temple) in Kyoto. Besides, we will visit 2 popular spots: Fushimi Inari Shrine and bamboo forest in Sagano. Please be intoxicated magnificent Japanese historical places.

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Explore the must-see sights of history-rich Kyoto, including the spectacular Nijo Castle, eminent Kinkaku-ji, and grand Kyoto Imperial Palace. In the afternoon, embark for Nara, home of pacific Nara Park and the famous temple of Todai-ji.

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Visit Kyoto, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, on this tour from Osaka. View ancient relics of culture like Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Heian Jingu Shrine, as well as Sanjusangendo and Kiyomizu-dera temples.

Best neighborhoods to visit in Kobe

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