Isla Verde

San Juan
Isla Verde Beach showing a sandy beach and tropical scenes
White-sands, beautifully clear water and excellent water sports make this beach one of the most popular in Puerto Rico. 

Isla Verde is a great place for a younger crowd to enjoy the Puerto Rican beach lifestyle. The shoreline is several miles long so you can either pick a spot to set-up near your car or stroll a bit and find a spot to yourself. The end closest to San Juan is always crowded and there are a number of street vendors selling drinks and food.  

Surf some of the best waves in the San Juan area with the locals at this lively urban beach. There are a number of breakers along the beach, offering up waves worthy of surfing for all different skill levels. Snorkeling is also a popular activity at Isla Verde, and stunning coral reefs can be found just offshore. Discover tropical fish and rare corals as you dive in the clear water. 

There are a number of lively restaurants along the Isla Verde beach promenade, offering  a variety of opportunities to try traditional Puerto Rican street food. Sample empanadas, or the famous pinchos, a fried kebab of pork, chicken or seafood.

The area has a thriving nightlife, and the streets fronting the beach are lined with bars, clubs and restaurants. Meet the locals as you drink cocktails made with Puerto Rican rum, or enjoy a meal at one of the upmarket restaurants in the area. 

Isla Verde Beach is located around seven miles (11 kilometers) east of San Juan. The area can be reached by car taxi in 15 minutes, and there is parking available. Make sure you arrive early to get a parking spot as this beach is known to get busy in the afternoons. Isla Verde Beach can be visited daily and there is no fee.

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