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Asahikawa which includes street scenes, a sunset and a city

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Asahikawa must see attractions

1. Asahiyama Zoo

Get close to animals from all parts of the world at the Asahiyama Zoo. There are hundreds of animals and over 100 species to discover, each housed in re-creations of its natural habitat. Asahiyama Zoo has a mission to showcase the authentic behavioral traits of its residents and not just the animals themselves as exhibits. With its excellent facilities and innovative approach, the zoo welcomes over one million visitors annually.
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Come for the entertaining winter penguin parade and spend time spotting birds, reptiles and majestic mammals at this zoological park.

2. Asahikawa Ramen Village

Make your way to the Asahikawa Ramen Village to satisfy your taste buds on different varieties of ramen noodle soups. Slurping ramen is a quintessential pastime of Japanese culture and a tradition that has been enjoyed for centuries. Visit Asahikawa Ramen Village to satisfy your hunger before sightseeing or to refuel after a busy day of activities.
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Feast on a steamy and aromatic bowl of noodles at this food village, one of the best places in Asahikawa to try the city’s famous shoyu ramen.

3. Asahikawa City Museum

A visit to Asahikawa City Museum presents a comprehensive overview of the lifestyles of the indigenous groups living on Hokkaido island. The Ainu people are descendants of a tribe of hunter-gatherers that lived in Japan from 1400 to 1700. They inhabit Hokkaido and areas of Russia, including the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin. View the information in the Asahikawa City Museum to learn about the evolution of the Ainu, see examples of their homes and understand how they coexist with nature.
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Get a glimpse into the life of Japan’s Ainu people via re-creations of traditional dwellings and life-size models of typical activities.

4. Ueno Farm

Ueno Farm on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido is an enchanted garden dream. Its developers sought to achieve English charm and succeeded quite nicely. Stroll along brick paths leading to cozy benches in a magical maze of plants.
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A marriage of two countries on opposite sides of the world created this peaceful area. Experience the seasonal arrays of colors and fragrances.

5. Asahikawa Museum of Art

The Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art provides an introduction to the art and handicraft culture of the Dohoku area of northern Hokkaido. Asahikawa is home to a thriving woodworking industry with artisans engaged in all types of creation. The gallery strives to showcase the talents of regional craftspeople via themed exhibitions. See displays of everything from statues and furniture to ceramics and paintings at the Asahikawa Museum of Art.
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Browse works by artists native to Hokkaido island at this small museum located in one of Asahikawa’s most picturesque parks.

6. Tokiwa Park

Ranked in the top 100 city parks in the country, Tokiwa Park in Asahikawa on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido envelops its visitors with serenity. The calm feeling is present when standing near one of the park’s two large ponds. Willows along the shore dip their drooping branches into the stillness of the water. Watch golden koi swim lazily in the shallows, while ducks glide above them along the surface.
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Find refuge in the middle of Asahikawa by visiting an attraction known for its tranquility. It is always open and ready to soothe the most ragged nerves.

7. Kaguraoka Park

Explore the great outdoors at Kaguraoka Park, a lovely green space in Asahikawa. While you're in the area, find time to visit its shops.
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Explore the great outdoors at Kaguraoka Park, a lovely green space in Asahikawa. While you're in the area, find time to visit its shops.

8. Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture

Discover a celebration of one of the most famous artists from Asahikawa at the Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture. Born in Hokkaido, Nakahara went on to have a strong impact on modern sculpture in Japan. Admire his works alongside examples by other national artists.
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Set within the rooms of a national monument, this museum celebrates the works and achievements of the famed sculptor Teijiro Nakahara.

9. Kamikawa Shrine

Close to Daisetsuzan National Park and abounding with parks, Asahikawa has many beautiful natural spots, but Kamikawa Shrine stands out as a highlight. It is just a few steps from the lake inside Kaguraoka Park and not far from the river. A sense of flowing water accents the spirituality of the Shinto shrine. Built in a traditional Hokkaido style, it is one of the city’s most beloved religious sites and is used by locals for festivals throughout the year. Come in the early morning to enjoy the perfect stillness before heading into Asahikawa’s streets for a hearty breakfast.
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Set in the natural beauty of Kaguraoka Park is one of Asahikawa’s most peaceful spots, perfect for meditation and relaxation.

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