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Novi Sad which includes a sunset, a city and cafe lifestyle

Party with locals at a summer festival, marvel at towering citadels and follow hiking trails to mountainous villages in this fun-loving European nation.

Serbia offers natural and wild scenery in its wooded valleys, national parks, huge forests, river valleys and gorges. Enjoy its urban centers too, with museums, galleries, fascinating architecture and exciting nightlife.

The capital Belgrade is a laid-back city with a plethora of attractions. Enjoy a commanding view of the city from Belgrade Fortress in the Upper and Lower Town. Nearby, see the Serbian-Byzantine Cathedral of Saint Sava and urban Kalemegdan Park. Visit some of Belgrade's many museums and galleries. At the Nikola Tesla Museum, see live demonstrations of some of the Serbian scientist’s inventions. View traditional costumes, craftwork and old photographs of folk rituals at the Ethnographic Museum. Enjoy a late-night drink in Skadarlija, a neighborhood of bohemian cobblestone streets with art galleries, antique stores, cafés and restaurants.

Travel about 55 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of Belgrade to Vršac. Tour wineries and vineyards in this town with an ancient history of wine-making. Serbia has several wine-growing regions, each with at least one wine route to follow.

Appreciate the diverse natural attractions of Serbia. Explore the forests, ravines and Danube River valley of Djerdap National Park as well as the 14th-century Golubac Fortress. See many monasteries in Fruška Gora National Park and take on natural outdoor challenges in Tara National Park. Observe more than 200 species of birds at the Carska Bara wetland region. During winter, enjoy ski runs and off-piste areas in the southern mountain range of Kopaonik. In summer, swim in the clear waters of Borsko Jezero (Lake Bor). Near the town of Bor is Zlotska Cave, part of which you can walk through on a guided tour. See unusual natural formations and learn about the archaeological findings made here.

Stop at the city of Niš to see the Skull Tower built of human remains and the Roman ruins of Mediana, part-time residence of Emperor Constantine the Great.

The country is known for the architecture and art of its monasteries. Enjoy the Byzantine paintings and marble structures of the 12th-century Orthodox Studenica Monastery, where remains of early Serbian kings are interred. Admire murals and frescoes and the surrounding forest scenery.

Serbia is an excellent choice for adventure, culture and relaxation.

Popular cities in Serbia

Cathedral of Saint Sava featuring heritage architecture, a park and a church or cathedral
Learn about the intriguing history surrounding this once war-torn city. Explore its fascinating monuments within the walls of the Belgrade Fortress.

Reasons to visit

  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • Knez Mihailova Street
  • Belgrade Zoo
Novi Sad showing a city, outdoor eating and cafe lifestyle
Novi Sad
Straddling the shores of the Danube, this welcoming riverside city features a fascinating collection of beaches, parks, pavement cafés and religious landmarks.

Reasons to visit

  • Petrovaradin Fortress
  • Serbian National Theatre
  • Freedom Square
Listen for the call to prayer, just as worshippers have been invited for many centuries. This old city is a relatively new capital.
Nis awaits: its festivals, cathedral, live music, and more!
Come to Sombor and enjoy its history, theater, and art.
Raska is calling! Discover its skiing, spas, mountain views, and more.

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