Marktbrunnen showing a church or cathedral, night scenes and heritage elements

Explore the quaint town centers filled historic buildings, trek across green hills in the nature park and try the celebrated wine varieties.

Wiesbaden-Taunus-Rheingau comprises a vast and diverse area of mountains, wine valleys and charming towns. Stunning churches, castles and monasteries can be found in the quaint urban centers, while majestic vineyards produce acclaimed grape varieties on the scenic, verdant slopes of the countryside. Make your way through the many towns for a glimpse of the local culture and architecture.

Arrive in the delightful spa town of Wiesbaden to learn about its Roman history. Among the highlights is the Market Church, known for its bright red façade and central clock tower. Inside, gaze up at the starry sky painted on the vaulted ceiling. Stroll through the town center and photograph the golden 18th-century Marktbrunnen water feature on the main square of Schlossplatz.

See the most popular sights, including the Museum Wiesbaden and the Neues Rathaus (Town Hall). For a change of scenery, ride the Neroberg funicular train up to the top of the hill and appreciate the spectacular views of the town.

Enjoy the warm summers in the region with a trip to the mountainous countryside of Taunus Nature Park. Plan a picnic and trek across the fertile, undulating terrain with your family. Spot the tallest peak in the park, Feldberg Mountain, which is 2,890 feet (881 meters) high. The kids will love Taunus Wunderland, an amusement park whose attractions are in harmony with nature.

Venture into the Rheingau area for its wines. Browse the intriguing exhibits in the Rheingau Wine Museum in Rüdesheim am Rhein and go for a tasting at the Georg Breuer Winery. Stop at the Medieval Torture Museum and the Rüdesheim Toy Museum.

The region is in the western part of Northern Hesse in western Germany. Fly to the Mainz Finthen Airport or the Frankfurt Airport and rent a car to get around. You can also travel through the villages via train or bus.

Wiesbaden-Taunus-Rheingau is an eclectic space comprising dramatic peaks, sloping vineyards and the spires and turrets of castles and churches.

Popular cities in Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis

Ruedesheim am Rhein
Ruedesheim am Rhein
Known for Historical, Wineries and Castle
Find out about the region’s variety of wine grapes, stroll along cobbled lanes in the Old Town and ride a gondola over the stunning terrain.

Reasons to visit

  • Drosselgasse
  • Niederwald Monument
Known for Wineries, Monuments and Historical
Trip time! Discover the wineries, monuments, and history in Geisenheim.
Eltville am Rhein which includes interior views and shopping
Eltville am Rhein
Known for Wineries, Churches and Castle
Gaze up at spires of historic churches, explore an abbey and admire a riverside castle in the City of Wine and Roses.
Known for Small town, Countryside and Castle
Quaint Idstein awaits: its countryside, golf, bars, and more!
Rheingau Wine Region featuring farmland, a gondola and tranquil scenes
Known for Wineries and Historical
Love wineries and history? Get away to Oestrich-Winkel!
Known for Castle, Historical and Museums
Come to Lorch and enjoy its castle, history, and museums.