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Buenos Aires

Known for Dining, Shopping and Cafes

The capital city of Argentina combines a European flavor with a rich history and energetic nightlife.

How do you get to Buenos Aires?

Often called the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires offers tree-lined boulevards with 19th-century architecture, and colorful neighborhoods and nightlife districts that rival the best in the world.

A great way to get your bearings in Buenos Aires is to use the metro network, which will take you almost anywhere in the city. Start at the Plaza de Mayo, in the Downtown area. The Argentine Revolution took place here, and it’s the location of the distinctive Casa Rosada, the pink building housing the office of Argentina’s president.

Make your way to La Recoleta Cemetery where you’ll find the resting places of Argentina’s most famous people, including Eva Perón. The surrounding neighborhood is home of the city’s rich and famous and has some of the best architecture in the city.

Head north of Recoleta on the metro and you’ll find Palermo, the city’s most trendy neighborhood. Terraced houses and cobblestone streets house boutiques and cafés. Wander along the avenues to the north or, if you’re traveling with kids, visit the Buenos Aires Zoo. Return at night and enjoy the city’s best bars and nightlife in Palermo Hollywood. See a tango show or enjoy a glass of Argentinian malbec.

Many visitors also visit Buenos Aires to shop, so if you like international designers, be sure to visit Florida and Lavelle streets in the Downtown area. For a more local experience, explore the shops in Palermo Soho and Viejo.

The port district of Puerto Madero is great for a photo opportunity looking back at the city. Head south to La Boca, spiritual home of the Boca Juniors soccer team. The neighborhood is known for its brightly colored houses and Italian influence. Catch a game at the Bombonera to experience South American passion and energy at its best.

For more details on interesting local attractions and activities, check out our things to do in Buenos Aires page.

Things to do in Buenos Aires

This giant pillar was built to mark the 400th anniversary of the city’s inception. Now, it stands as the most famous icon in Buenos Aires.

Visit one of the world’s finest theaters to watch operas, ballets and concerts or take a guided tour of the salons and auditorium.

Spot historical architecture, witness celebrations and demonstrations, watch interesting people and enjoy free music events at Buenos Aires’ most important square.

Wander the grounds of one of Buenos Aires’ largest university campuses and visit the institution’s museums, galleries and urban parks.

Admire the pink façade of one of Argentina’s most recognizable buildings, take a tour of its halls and galleries and visit a museum displaying political artifacts.

Relax in a park with a preserved lawn, trees, statues, a war memorial and a tower in the center of the city.

A visit to this beautiful building provides an insight into the nation’s political life and a look at an architectural masterpiece.

The stadium of the illustrious soccer team, Boca Juniors, is renowned for its superb atmosphere. It is uniquely shaped like a box of chocolates.

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Dancers tango and the music never stops at El Viejo Almacen—considered by locals to be one of the most traditional tango venue in Buenos Aires. Enjoy a classic show that is alive with music, poetry, and movement and features more than 20 artists on stage.

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Immerse yourself in the refined world of tango at one of Buenos Aires' most exquisite establishments. Spend an unforgettable night with vibrant local music and classy entertainment provided by the talented dancers at Cafe de los Angelitos.

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Escape to the countryside with a day spent at the Santa Susana ranch. Experience the daily life of the gauchos—the cowboys of the fertile Pampas lowlands—as you're introduced to their rural traditions, folk culture, and culinary delicacies during an authentic barbecue.

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Explore the largest oceanarium in South America with a visit to Mundo Marino. Through different themed areas, discover sea animals like dolphins and sea lions alongside tropical fish endemic to the area and an abundance of bird species including penguins.

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Don't miss one of the hottest and most talked-about traditional tango shows in town, complemented by a feast of expertly prepared cuisine that features something for all tastes. This uniquely Argentinian experience leaves you with a full belly, dancing all the way home.

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Step into one of Buenos Aires' most traditional tango venues, El Querandí, for a night of entertainment that traces the lively history of the famous dance. This intimate performance brings the singers, musicians, and dancers up close with the audience for a personal feel throughout the show.

Best neighborhoods to visit in Buenos Aires

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