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Known for Beaches, Romantic and Swimming

Take a boat out for a tour and learn about two different national heroes in this historic part of the Philippines.

How do you get to Lapu-Lapu?

As the scene of one of the country’s most important battles, Lapu-Lapu has an intricate history and strong sense of community. The area is known for its fascinating shrine complex, picturesque beaches and colonial relics. Learn about the local culture in the markets and churches of this intriguing city.

Rent a boat from the Cebu Yacht Club for a trip around the islands. Enjoy views of the water at sunset and dine at a restaurant in this high-end boat club.

Find out about the Mactan Battle at Magellan’s Monument, which features a statue of the Portuguese explorer credited with bringing Christianity to the islands. See the adjacent shrine of Lapu-Lapu Monument to the indigenous leader who killed him.

Visit Our Lady of the Rule Church, which plays an important community role. Locals congregate here to socialize and worship together. See the church at night, when its crosses glow bright blue and the façade takes on tinges of yellow.

Peruse the range of shops in the Gaisano Grand Mall Mactan. Purchase mango, garlic and other tasty local products from the supermarket.

Attend a variety show at The Jungle Cultural Entertainment Center, which is renowned for its fire dancers. The complex also offers snorkeling, diving with sharks, market tours and sea walking.

Find the town on the tiny Mactan Island east of Cebu Island in the southern part of the Philippines. Arrive at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport from other destinations in Asia and get around the area by jeepney or taxi.

The impressive Marcelo Fernan Bridge connects the two islands. Gaze up at its imposing columns and appreciate the sea views from the center of the bridge.

Lapu-Lapu offers a fascinating insight into local history and customs. Anticipate hot days year-round in this tropical setting.

Things to do in Lapu-Lapu

Enjoy the view of the Cebu skyline and watch ships light up the water at night from this sailing club.

Visit this outdoor complex of statues to learn about the battle between two heroes of the Philippines with contrasting backgrounds.

Learn about the cultural and religious significance of this intriguing church that overlooks a spacious plaza and a public market.

Go to the cinema, peruse upmarket boutiques and wander along the paths of the landscaped gardens in this modern shopping compound.

Sip coffee among the green patches of this business hub, learn about the technology bubble and visit a leisure center.

Pick out the portrayals of your favorite city sights and historical moments in this mesmerizing mixed-metal public artwork.