Nurimaru APEC House

Hike out to the site of the 2005 APEC Leaders’ Meeting for some recent history and unmatched Busan views.

At the tip of a forested peninsula to the west of Haeundae Beach sits the round, glassy Nurimaru APEC House, the site of the 2005 APEC Leaders’ Meeting. Hike through the forest to the house for a quick tour of the modern facility and gorgeous views of Gwangan Bridge and the Busan coastline.

APEC, or the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, is the trade organization of 21 Pacific Rim nations, including South Korea, the United States and Chile. In 2005, APEC held its yearly Leaders’ Meeting in Busan; the Nurimaru APEC House had been constructed specifically for the occasion. 

Tour the 32,000-square-foot (3,000-square-meter) house that is now a museum dedicated to the 2005 meeting. Inside the house, the round table at which the meeting was held is preserved inside a large auditorium. The museum even has a replica of the meal served to the APEC representatives.

At the third-floor entrance, see the 21.6-foot (6.6-meter) long piece of lacquerwork inlaid with mother-of-pearl by Kim Gyu-Jang. Try to identify the 12 longevity symbols: sun, cloud, mountain, rock, water, crane, deer, turtle, pine, herb of eternal youth, bamboo and mythical peach.

The building overlooks the ocean from the south end of Dongbaekseom Island, which is a forested peninsula to the west of Haeundae Beach. During low tide, wander across the rocks between the building and the ocean and explore the tidal pools. For a longer hike, follow the paths through the forest, and cross the long rope bridge extended high above the waves.

To the east of Nurimaru APEC House stands a lighthouse, which can be entered free of charge. Climb the stairs for wide panoramic views of Haeundae Beach, Dalmaji Hill and the Busan skyline.

The nearest bus stop and train station are several minutes’ walk away from Nurimaru APEC House. Parking is available for a fee in the lot on the northwest part of the peninsula, but you will have to walk along the forest trails to reach the site. Admission to the Nurimaru APEC House is free.

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